A Moroccan woman robbed and injured in India by two unidentified men

A Moroccan woman robbed in India./Ph. DR
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A Moroccan woman living in Bengaluru, the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state was mugged by two men who broke into her apartment last week, The Times of India said yesterday.

Identified as Mouna Boujmal, the 27-year-old national works for IDEX, a corporation based in the USA and is engaged in the development, design, and manufacture of fluidics systems. She was given an apartment as part of her training period where she lives.

According to the same source, Boujmal heard a doorbell rang around 8.40 pm on the 1st of August. When she opened, two men stood by her doorstep, they «immediately pounced on Boujmal and one of them slashed her right hand with a knife, leaving her with an inch-long deep gash».

The two unidentified thieves took her Aquarius M5 mobile phone, handset and two silver bracelets and left her bleeding «in a state of shock». «Preliminary investigations revealed that the accused are professionals targeting women residing alone in posh apartments. We will nab them soon», an investigative officer told the same source.

The Moroccan national treated and she gave a statement to the police after leaving India.

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