Dubai : Three Saudi nationals get a 10- year-sentence for raping a Moroccan woman

Three Saudi nationals sentenced to 10 years of prison for raping a Moroccan woman in Dubai./Ph. DR
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Three Saudi nationals were sentenced yesterday in Dubai to ten years in prison for raping and sexually assaulting a Moroccan woman, reports the Emirati newspaper The National.

In January 2017, three men aged between 24 and 27 had accompanied a 32-year-old woman to their hotel room to «party». One of them raped her and forced her to «pleasure to his brother and his friend.»

«We spoke for a while and I told them I was heading to another club but they invited me to their place in Al Muraqqabat and said alcohol was available,» said the Moroccan woman. After drinking, the two men got into the fight, trying to calm one of them who locked himself in his bedroom.  

«I sat on the bed next to him to talk but he suddenly jumped on me, smothered me with the pillow then told me to keep quite and let him and his brothers finish it quietly,» said the victim.

The men rushed to get their belongings to leave and then returned a few minutes later to find that the woman was calling the police. «One of them snatched the phone out of my hand then they all left», she said.

A medical report confirmed the young woman's comments, traces of DNA matching those of the accused were found on her body. However, they denied the charges against them.

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