700 Sub-Saharan migrants attempted to enter Ceuta

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700 migrants have tried to force their way into Ceuta in a failing attempt, Associated Press, an American nonprofit news agency, said today.

According to the Interior Ministry’s office in Ceuta «migrants also tried to scale the six-meter-tall barbed –wire fences around Ceuta after the early Thursday crossing attempt at the Tarajal post failed, but were again repelled by Moroccan and Spanish police».

On Wednesday, the Moroccan and Spanish authorities have closed the Tarajal post to traders for a week because of the frequent migrant crossing attempts while passengers and cars are still allowed.

For the record, the Spanish police found on Tuesday 8th of August 30 Moroccan and Algerian migrants, including ten miners, hidden in fairground vehicles. The vehicles intended to transport these rides were waiting to board ferries bound for mainland Spain, according to the Civil Guard.

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