One of the Hirak’s lawyers has been summoned by the police

Lawyer Abdessadek Elbouchattaoui, member of the Hirak defence committee./Ph. DR
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Abdessadak Elbouchattaoui, a member of the Hirak detainees' defense committee, said on Wednesday night on his Facebook page that he was summoned by the police in Tetouan.

«Each voice is targeted and every activist and human rights activist is targeted,» he said, indicating that the reason why he was summoned by the police is linked to «his declarations to the national media and his opinion regarding the Hirak movement in the Rif region».

Contacted by Al Aoual, Abdessadak Elbouchattaoui confirmed that he was informed about the police summons the president of the bar association in Tetouan. «I went to Al Hoceima airport to await the remains of Imad El Attabi when the president informed me that the Tetouan police summoned me as defense counsel for the detainees Of the Hirak,» he said.

He said that the summons is a way of «putting pressure on him». «It is probably for me to backtrack on my stands and my right to defend the detainees of the Hirak movement, but I will not back down», he said.

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