Spain : Morocco's consul in Almería violently assaulted by a Moroccan national

Hicham Dehane, the kingdom's consul in Armeni, Spain at the Throne day ceremony./Ph. Ja Barrios
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The Moroccan consul in Almería, Hicham Dehane, is on sick leave after being violently assaulted by a Moroccan national. The 29-year-old man beat him in the office, causing a fracture in his left arm, says La Voz de Almería.

The incident took place on the 28th of July, after a man named Adil attacked the consul, annoyed by the slowness of the administrative delays in obtaining his passport. The thirty-year-old would first have been shouting before physically attacking the consul.

The aggressor had lived in Norway for four years with his wife and son before moving to America a few months ago, where he was trying to retrieve his passport, according to «Al Mohammedia for Social work and human rights», an association which strongly denounced the assault.

He had already visited the consulate last February and had been asked to obtain a certificate of registration from the mayor's office to check his residency status in Almería. «The consul did only his work. He had to verify that what the man was saying was true,» said Abdellah Zaitoumy, president of the association.

Despite his injury, Hicham Dehane presided over the traditional Throne Day ceremony with his arm in a sling three days after the incident.

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