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«Hirak» : Around 12 Riffians have applied for political asylum in Melilla

A number of Riffians have applied for political asylum, using the «Hirak» as a justification to their applications. According to a lawyer from the Spanish Committee for Refugee Aid, such a justification is not enough, as applicants are required to provide evidence.

Around 12 Riffians might have for political asylum in Melilla./Ph. DR
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On June 20th, Europa Press news agency announced that young Riffians had applied for political asylum in Spain. The migrants were on a rickety boat when they were capsized in rough seas just off Spain’s Mortil in Andalusia.

Almost two months after publishing the news, the Spanish Committee for Refugee Aid has announced the numbers of Riffians that applied for asylum in Melilla. The NGO ensures that «at least 12» Riffians have opted for this choice, says EFE. A figure that may seem kind of low compared to other asylum applications filed in the city and which amounted to 1,300.

Supporting the applications

The Riffian applicants have used the current situation and events in the Rif region to justify their requests since the death of the fishmonger, Mohcine Fikri on the 29th of October 2016. The wave of arrests among the Hirak activists serves their approaches to the Spanish authorities. But it is nevertheless inadequate.

Indeed, a lawyer who works on the behalf of the committee advises the applicants to provide evidence, meaning photos and videos of their real participation in the marches and other protests that took place in the Rif region. They should also give proof that they are being prosecuted by the Moroccan police.

This awaits these migrants although for the moment, the authorities of Melilla have not carried out any expulsion of asylum seekers from the Rif.

Taking all the applications into account will take time. Each one of them will be carefully studied before the Ministry of Interior pronounces its verdict. In addition, migrants and their lawyers will have the chance to reapply if their requests are rejected.

However, the Podemos and Izquierda unida parties have not reacted nor commented on the Riffian migrants who arrived to Spain illegally while they have freely showed support for the Hirak activists at several occasions.  

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