Attacks in Europe : Geert Wilders rejoices over the fact that the suspects are originally from Morocco

GeertWilders, Dutch MP celebrates the fact that the suspects in the recent Europe attacks are originally from Moroccco./Ph. DR
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The attacks in Spain and Finland where Moroccan nationals are involved is a golden opportunity for xenophobes and islamophobes. Since Thursday evening, their reactions have popped up on social media, with some political leaders zttacking Islam and Muslims in Europe.

On his Facebook and Twitter accounts, Geert Wilders did not miss the opportunity to target Moroccans and Islam. Since Thursday he has repeatedly shared a series of posts in which he claims that Europe is at war and that «Islam has declared a war on us».

On Thursday night, he shared a video a few minutes after the attack of Barcelona, affirming that it is «the work of Islam». He questioned himself the same evening about why «the Dutch choose a leader who denies the problem». «Why do we allow the killing of innocent people and choose leaders who deny the problem? I say: Enough weakness. Enough of Islam,» he wrote.

Then he shared the reaction of the head of the Dutch government, arguing that it is a «new excuse for a cowardly leader» and pointing to «open borders and openness to Islam». It passes to another level, in another status, after the attack of Cambrils.

«Another attack. We are at war. Islam has declared war on us and the left has been supporting our attackers. No more!»

But what makes the Dutch nationalist MP more jubilant is the nationalities of the suspected terrorists. «And just like in Spain, London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam etc, the Muslim terrorist of the terrorist act in Finland is a Moroccan,» he wrote Friday.

It should be remembered that Geert Wilders, leader of the Austrian far-right party, the Party for Freedom (PVV), is best known for his anti-Islam and anti-Moroccan remarks.

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