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A man linked to the imam of Ripoll interrogated in Morocco

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The investigation into the attacks in Catalonia seems to continue in Morocco, the country of origin of almost all the people involved in the attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils.

According to the El Espaid newspaper, which cites sources of counter-terrorism services, the Moroccan police interrogated a person for their alleged links with the members of the terrorist cell from Ripoll (province of Girona).

More specifically, the investigation focuses on contacts that person had with the city's imam, Abdelbaki Es-Satty, considered as the influencer of the youths who perpetrated the attacks last Thursday. The latter had a logistics base in Alcanar (province of Tarragona).

The interviewee will remain under the control of the Moroccan authorities during the next hours, said the sources. Acting within the framework defined by the anti-terrorist collaboration between Spain and Morocco, the Spanish intelligence services handed over to their Moroccan counterparts the identities of all the people involved in the case.

The Moroccan police thus initiated its own investigation into the entourage of the persons involved, in particular the trips that they would have had in Morocco before the attacks in Catalonia.

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