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Sexual assault video : Mdina bus reacts in a statement

Mdina Bus reacts to the sexual assault video in a statement./Ph. DR
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The transportation company Mdina Bus issued a press release today in response to the sexual assault that took place on one of its buses.

The public transport company of Greater Casablanca «strongly denounces the aggression of a girl in a bus by a group of young delinquents». Mdina Bus officials set up an emergency task force to «verify the facts and locate them, as the video does not indicate the place or date of the events».

An investigation is being carried out in-house and in coordination with national security services to «evaluate the images of the video and compare them with the cameras embedded in the buses in order to better define the situation, determine the responsibilities and prosecute the assailants and all the people closely or indirectly involved». According to the same source, the attack took place on Friday 18th of August and the aggressors were arrested Monday morning.

Mdina Bus defended the bus driver : «We cannot say that the driver did not react. The duration of the video (less than one minute) does not determine whether or not there was a response from the driver (intervention or bus shutdown)». Again according to the transportation company, the attackers released the victim and the video stopped. The investigation will determine what happened before and after the video.

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