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Nigeria : One of the kidnapped Moroccan navy officers has been released

The Panamian vessel./Ph. Nils Junge- Maritime Traffic
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One of the two Moroccan navy officers, kidnapped by pirates in Nigeria's territorial waters three weeks ago, was reportedly released. This is what the daily Assabah indicated in its edition today.

The family of the hostage plans to return to Morocco in the next few days, adds the same source. The newspaper did not give any information on the other Moroccan national also kidnapped during the same operation.

The Celia ship, built in 1986 and currently operating under the Panama Pavilion under the name of OYA1, was the victim of a pirate attack on the northern island of Bonny in the Gulf on July 31 Of Guinea. A captain and an engineer officer, both Moroccan, were in the ship during the assault led by the pirates. The Moroccan hostages were A.J. (40), a native of Casablanca and A.B. (44), originally from Oujda. Both are believed to be laureates of the Higher Institute of Maritime Studies (ISEM) of Casablanca, as several media sources have reported.

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