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Barcelona attack : The terrorists were planning for a bigger attack, says a suspect

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The hearing of the four alleged terrorist that survived the Barcelona attack, has taken place on Tuesday. They highlighted the fact that they were planning for a bigger attack as it was suspected by the investigators, Huffpost said today.

The Catalan police spokesman said after the two attacks, the terrorists were organizing a «bigger attack». Mohamed Houli Chemlal, one of the four suspects, told the investigating judge that the cell was preparing an attack «more important than the two attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils». According to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the suspect claimed that the Sagrada Familia was one of the targets, a large unfinished Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and which attracts hundreds of tourists every day.

Mohamed Houli Chemlal lived in the house in Alcanar and is an important witness for the investigators, as he knows what the cell was preparing for. He was wounded during the explosion. The Catalan police had not revealed the identity of the suspect until yesterday.

«Of the four people we have in custody, of course all are questioned and some have brought interesting information,» said Josep Lluis Trapero, police chief of Catalonia two days earlier.

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