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Morocco : A movie director encourages people to rape homosexuals

Mahmoud Frites, a Moroccan movie director./Ph. DR
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Mahmoud Frites, a Moroccan movie director, has published on his Facebook account a post in which he encouraged people to rape homosexuals, reports Le 360 online newspaper.

Reacting to the sexual assault incident that has shaken the kingdom a few days ago, Frites wrote on his Facebook saying «I do not understand people who rape a donkey, a disabled person and elderly person, a child, their children and do not touch those who wish to be raped». His post was accompanied by a photo of Adam, also known as Adouma, a Moroccan vlogger notorious on social media for dressing up like a woman.

According to the same source, Mahmoud Frites has published a message later apologizing for his Facebook post after being criticized by followers and social media users. «After being heavily criticized by homosexuals and people who encourage homosexuality, I apologize for writing this post knowing that I was just joking», he said on his Facebook page.

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