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Barcelona : After the deadly attacks, a Muslim man is offering hugs for free in Las Ramblas

A Muslim man offering free hugs in Las Ramblas in Barcelona./Ph. Screen shot
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Offering free hugs to support the people of Barcelona and most precisely Las Ramblas’ victims, is an initiative that was done by a Muslim man, reports Le Figaro today.

Filmed by a CNN reporter called Javier Monne, the young man was standing in a video published on the American channel’s website, in La Rambla where 14 people were killed in ramming car attack and 130 others were wounded.

The man was simply asking strangers to hug him as a way of showing that he is a peaceful Muslim who feels sorry for the victims and condemns terrorism in his own way. In a piece of paper, he wrote, «I am a Muslim, I am not a terrorist. I share hugs for love and peace».

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