Karim Adduchi, a Moroccan designer to collaborate with Syrian refugees for his new collection

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Karim Adduchi, a Moroccan fashion designer to collaborate with Syrian Refugees for his next collection./Ph. Wow Amsterdam

Karim Adduchi, a Moroccan fashion designer based in the Netherlands has collaborated for his new collection with Syrian refugees from Aleppo, Les Inrocks magazine, reported.

After meeting with the refugees, the 28-year-old Rif native was fascinated by their journey and their experience. He wanted to echo their history using clothes. «Why not participate both in the making of this collection ? I want my work to help me exchange», he told the same source.

He added : «I want to meet all those people who, like me, at some point in their lives, felt that they had lost their home. Exchange ideas with them, and make their stories and their paths my raw material ... I just want to be part of the journey of these people».

Karim who left Morocco in an early age knows exactly how it feels to be part of a minority. Through his work, he tries to showcase the beauty and richness of the Arab World’s cultures inspired by his Berber background. He grew up surrounded by women, in Imzouren, in a family of tailors. Fabrics and sewing machines were part of his daily life.

Later, his family moved to Barcelona where drowing became one of his best hobbies. In 2015, his collection «She Knows Why The Caged Bird Sings» took part of the Amsterdam Fashion week.

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