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Juan Ignacio Zoido : Cooperation between Spain and Morocco is «continuous, loyal and fruitful»

Juan Ignacio Zoido, the Spanish Interior Minister and his Moroccan counterpart, Abdelouafi Laftit./Ph. L'economiste
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Cooperation between Spain and Morocco is «continuous, loyal and fruitful», declared the Spanish Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, during a press briefing held Tuesday in Rabat attended by his Moroccan counterpart, Abdelouafi Laftit.  

The Spanish official said he hopes to strengthen the collaboration between the two countries to fight against terrorism. Spain is looking for improving its cooperation with the Kingdom, making it official and developing the methods of fighting against radicalization, the Spanish Minister stated.  

«We are convinced that no country is immune to the terrorist threat that only international cooperation can eradicate. We can defeat terrorism that aims to destroy our way of life, our freedom, our democracy and our rights.»

The Spanish minister said he was convinced that the fight would not be easy, that it would not happen overnight and that «unfortunately there will be more victims», adding that it is in tribute to all the victims that «we will work without respite to end this threat». «The help of all, especially Morocco, is the key to achieving this,» he said.

The Moroccan Minister of Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, highlighted the high level and exemplary nature of security cooperation between Morocco and Spain. This dynamic of cooperation has lead to the creation of «security partnership based on shared responsibility and mutual trust», he stressed. Abdelouafi Laftit noted that the coordination between the security apparatus of the two countries allowed the dismantling of several terrorist cells in Morocco and Spain.

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