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Netherlands : Tarik Chadlioui, a Belgian-Moroccan preacher will be extradited to Spain

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The Belgian-Moroccan preacher Tarik Chadlioui, also known as Tarik Ibn Ali, will be extradited to Spain by the Dutch authorities on the 26th on September for allegedly participating in radicalizing a group of young people, local media said on Wednesday quoting a source from the Police.

Tarik Ibn Ali, who has a dual nationality namely Moroccan and Dutch, was the subject of a «lengthy investigation» conducted by the Spanish judicial authorities. According to the same source, the preacher has allegedly played a significant role «role in the radicalization of a group of young men in Spain».

In 2015, the Spanish police found a video on which the imam encouraged young Muslims residing in Spain into going to Syria. «The preacher is believed to have visited Majorca Island to create a cell» that would operate for the «Islamic State» and «become its spiritual leader».

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