Two Moroccan twins awarded in Canada for their graduation projects

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Two Moroccan students named Ibtissam and Ikram Benzian, twin siters, have won two prizes for their graduation projects in electrical engineering at Polytechnique Montreal, an engineering school affiliated with the Université in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Middle East Monitor reports.

According to the same source, Ibtissam «won the first prize for two separate projects that she accomplished in electrical engineering courses» and her twin sister Ikram was «ranked third after being selected by the jury».

The ceremony during which the Moroccan twins were awarded was held on the 16th of August at the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. Interviewed by Quds Press, Ikram Benzian stated that «they are proud that they won a scientific award at an international university at a time some members of the Moroccan community have been involved in terrorist acts». She also indicated that they have not received any financial support from the Moroccan authorities including the Moroccan Embassy in Canada.

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