Spain : A diplomatic source denies the dismissal of the Moroccan consul in Girona

Mohamed El Harrak, the Moroccan consul in Girona sitting next to the Mayor of the city, Marta Madrenas in February 2017./Ph. Girona City Council
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No, the Moroccan consul in Girona has not been dismissed. A source from the Moroccan  Foreign Ministry, told Le Desk, a local online newspaper, in response to the information published by the Spanish online newspaper El Confidencial. The latter announced  that «the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dismissed the Consul of Morocco in Girona, Mohamed El Harrak, while he was only appointed on the 28 of December».

«The aforementioned sources indicate that he is accused of not paying enough attention to the Muslim community in the province, where about 70,000 Moroccans or Spaniards of Moroccan origin live. 40,000 people are registered in the consulate,» said El Confidencial.

A source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted by Le Desk denied the information. The latter states that the article is «totally misleading». «The list of consuls has not yet been made public (...). The rumor circulating from the permutation of El Harrak is false,» the same source assures.

El Confidencial recalls that the Moroccan authorities «denied any indirect responsibility for the attacks against Catalonia ... despite the fact that the members of the terrorist cell, except one, were Moroccan and visited from time to time their country of origin».

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