The Oriental Desert Express, a train for tourists to admire Morocco’s scenery

The Oriental Desert Express train./Ph. AFP
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Internationally known for starring at one of James bond’s most famous movies, the train linking Oujda to Boujdour was at the center of a reportage conducted by AFP. The train is owned and run by Edi Kunz, a 70 year-old man who carries tourists all along the oriental desert in a charming journey.  

«It takes between eight and 12 hours to make the trip, sometimes even more», Kunz told the French news agency speaking about Oriental Express Desert which was used to film some parts of the movie Specter, released in 2015.

Edi purchased the train from Morocco’s National Office of Railways 10 years ago. «The train moves at a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour (30 mph), but this can often drop to 10 kph and sometimes the train has to come to a complete halt because of sand on the tracks», says the same source.

Now, the Oriental Desert Express, is a lovely promenade during which tourists get to admire the beautiful scenery, drink minted tea and eat a local Tajine.

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