Morocco to host next month two energy forums on gas and renewable energy

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Morocco will host on November 2017, two energy forums on gas and renewable energy. The event scheduled for the 29th of November and 1st of December in Casablanca will be attended by Aziz Rabbah, the Minister of Energy, Mines, and Sustainable Development, Energy Net Limited, an online newspaper, reports today.

The first event entitled «The Africa Renewable Energy Forum» was first organized in Marrakech last year during COP22 held in November 2016. It is mainly aiming at discussing «solutions to move forward renewable energy projects».

After the renewable energy forum another one will take place, namely Gas Options-North and West African meeting which will shed light on gas projects in North and West Africa.

«This meeting will invite all 12 countries involved in the Morocco-Nigeria Gas Pipeline project to discuss next steps and the benefits of the project in developing the region», adds the same source.

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