Spain : A 15-year-old Moroccan teenager found underneath a bus

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Spanish police have found a 15-year-old Moroccan teenager hidden underneath a bus, trying to illegally immigrate to Spain, EFE news agency reported, at the maritime border post in Tarifa, in the province of Cadiz.

The police officers had to break a part of the vehicle, which came from Tangier to Tarifa, in order to be able to save the young man and ensure his safety, said the police in a statement.

The teenager was rescued on Monday, while the bus was being inspected upon arrival at the port of Tarifa. The latter carried Spanish tourists who came to spend holidays in Morocco. The boy was asking for help to pull himself out of the bus as he was stuck and unable to move. They finally managed to get him out, joined by members of the Red Cross present on the scene.

After receiving socio-sanitary assistance, the Moroccan was transferred to Algeciras (province of Cadiz) to be placed under the protection of the autonomous public entity.

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