Mauritania accusing Morocco of welcoming members of its opposition

Mauritanian businessman Mohamed Ould Bouamatou./Ph. Twitter
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Mauritania and Morocco haven’t been in good terms these couple of days; according to the Middle East monitor which is quoting local median platforms. Accordingly, the neighboring country is enraged over the fact that Rabat has welcomed members of the Mauritanian opposition.

Sources told Quds Press that Mauritania is «unhappy that Morocco is hosting businessman Mohamed Ould Bouamatou, whom Nouakchott accuses of supporting a number of seeking to harm public security in the country», states the same source.

«Bouamatou is now being followed up by the judiciary, and there is an international warrant for his arrest, his manager and a number of other opponents,» the sources said, insisting that «Nouakchott considers Morocco now as a stronghold of the Mauritanian opposition».

For the record, Mohamed Ould Bouamatou, is from Boussabaa tribe, similar to the Mauritanian president. He was also one of the most prominent supports of the current president during the period of the first military coup. However, things changed later on and he became of his worst opponent.

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