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Italy : Controversy erupts over the expulsion of a Moroccan prisoner

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Jailed for sexual assault in Italy, Rachid A. , a Moroccan national is about to be expelled to the kingdom. According to the Italian online newspaper, Polizia Penitenziaria, which quotes La Republica, a Turin court ordered the expulsion of Rachid.

The latter reportedly published a few days ago and after spending 9 years and 4 months in prison, concrete evidence attesting the abuses of the police in Italian prisons. «He reported alleged abuses of the prison police and at the same time collected a long series of reports. Rachid is locked up in Turin, and may be deported in the next few hours to Morocco», the same source said.

If executed, the deportation order could have «serious consequences on the various procedures" including a trial in Prato in which four prison officials accused of assaulting the prisoner are prosecuted.

«The expulsion of Rashid is a very serious fact ... and the truth is that Prato's investigation reveals what is really happening in prisons,» said Fabio Anselmo, a Moroccan lawyer. «The staff (the prison, note) saw the recorder that I attached to me and began to ask me questions (...). I replied that this is the only way to prove the illegal conduct of the police. They started beating me and other agents came to join them. At one point, there were at least eight people,» said the Moroccan, quoted by his lawyer.

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