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Survey : Canadians have a predominantly positive feeling about Muslims

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A study suggests that Canadians have a predominantly positive feeling about Muslims. This is reported by several Canadian media outlets such as Journal Metro and 680 News, which relayed the survey conducted by «Think for Actions and Insights Matter», a Think Tank of the University of Calgary.

The study indicates that the perception of Canadians has changed when it comes to the religious leaders of Islam and their beliefs. The survey found that 78% of respondents believe that Muslims should adopt Canadian customs and values while maintaining their religious and cultural practices. No less than 88% of respondents believe that Muslims should not be treated differently from other Canadians.

However, 72% of respondents also believe they are seeing an increase in hatred and fear of Muslim Canadians and predict that it will continue to get worse, Journal Metro continues.

«The majority of Canadians who have a Muslim friend or know someone with a Muslim faith have a positive view of Islam and are more welcoming to Muslims,» said Mukarram Zaidi, president of the organization that took care of the investigation .

Public perception of Muslims is not entirely positive, says the Canadian media according to which «the survey indicates that 56% of people believe that Islam is suppressing women's rights.»

«There is work to be done in the Muslim community and its leaders to fully understand that the average individual does not have much respect for what they are doing,» Mukarram Zaidi interprets.

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