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Canada : The man who allegedly set the President of CCIQ’s car on fire is arrested by police

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Mathieu Bilodeau, a man 33-year-old man who lives under the supervision of the center for Rehabilitation in Intellectual Disabilities (IDRC), was accused on Friday of burning the car of Mohamed Labidi, the President of the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec (CCIQ), according to Le Soleil.

The suspect lives in a supervised rooming house in the Sainte-Foy area for almost a year at the time of his arrest. A person from the residence told the same source that «when we saw him acting, we had doubts. (…) He was a young man who had two personalities.» The person declared that the day when Mathieu Bilodeau arrived at the rooming house for the first time, «he was rushing», the source said.

On Friday, the Quebec City Police Department revealed that the accused had «an attraction to fire». Bilodeau on Friday appeared at the Quebec City Court House on four counts related to arson. He allegedly set fire to restaurants, a shopping center and a hospital, in addition to Mr. Labidi’s car, all within a radius of about 1 Km from his home and between the 16th of July and 18th of August. Crown opposed his release and he will be back in court on Monday.

For the record, the vehicle of the President of CCIQ was set on fire during the night of August 5th to 6th, when he was parked close to his residence. It was a little before 1.30 am on Sunday when the incident occurred. Firefighters took about 30 minutes to control.

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