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The Catalonia attacks : A father and his son of Moroccan descent feel abandoned

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Victims of the deadly attacks in Barcelona on August 17th, a father and his son of Moroccan and French descent believe they have been abandoned by the French authorities, Midi Libre reports.

The family who is based in Montpelier, a city southern France, were enraged over the fact that no one came to check on their physical and mental health after the attacs. The father, Omar El Hamzaoui, was indeed hit in the leg and his 6-year-old son Aboubakr was seriously wounded.

«Journalists, and co-workers called, even the neighbors have sent a postcard to Barcelona … What did the authorities send ? Nothing ! Not even a phone call from the mayor of Montpellier,» said Mohamed El Hamzaoui a member of the Moroccan family.

The Consul General of Morocco in Spain came to their bedside and the Moroccan Prime Minister called them. On the other hand, the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who visited Barcelona following the attacks, did not check on the family.

«He could have spent five minutes in the hospital ... No one has called or written for a month. We are not rats crushed in an accident, it is an attack anyway! What is it? Is it transparent? Is there anything else? We are victims above all,» declared Mohamed El Hamzaoui.

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