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Spain : A Moroccan national sentenced to two years in prison for wanting to join ISIS

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The Spanish Audiencia Nacional will convict a Moroccan national residing in Padilla de Arriba, a town located in northern Spain, to two years and two months in prison for visiting Turkey in 2016 with the intention of joining Syria to fight for ISIS, states the Spanish news agency EFE. The Moroccan man will also be deported after serving the sentence.

At the hearing, Yesterday, Ali Afarkhane,  agreed with the public prosecutor’s office to acknowledge all the allegations and pledged to repent of his intention to travel to Syria to fight with ISIS.

In accordance with his statement, the public prosecutor reduced his sentence from seven to four years for the offense of conspiracy in connection with a terrorist organization.

Over these four years, Afarkhane will be serving 26 months in prison, out of the fourteen he has to accomplish. He was already detained in the preventive prison of Valladolid since his arrest on 26 December 2016.

The public prosecutor also demanded a ban on entry into Spain for eight years, plus three years of placement under electronic surveillance and ten years of legal disqualification.

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