London : Hassania School of Public Works to take part in the Enactus World Cup

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The Enactus EHTP team will take part in the world’s biggest social entrepreneurship competition, the Enactus World Cup, which will be held from the 26th to the 28th of September in London. The team has been named national champion for the 2nd consecutive year, during the national competition which took place on June 20th, said a statement of Enactus Morocco on Tuesday.

Supported by the OCP Group, the OCP Entrepreneurship Network program and the OCP foundation, Enactus Morocco is bringing 4,000 students in Morocco, with more than 250 projects benefiting more than 195,000 beneficiaries throughout Morocco.

This year, Morocco will participate with three environmental companies. Mistomar is a 14 cubic meter circular buried structure whose architecture and construction material choices allow it to function as a cold room designed for the preservation of agricultural products for up to 6 months. The second company is Com'pom with a project aiming at valuing the surplus of apples of the region of M'semrir through the manufacturing of derivatives including applesauce. There is also Ecodome : This project aims to develop a construction concept that consists of stacking polypropylene bags filled with a mixture of natural dirt and cement. This method presents colossal savings compared to the traditional methods (50% in construction time, 70% in energy balance ...), the same source said.

In previous editions, Morocco has made it to the finale or semi final, concludes the statement.

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