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Migration : The Spanish Army to construct fundamental facilities in «Alhucemas Islands»

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The Spanish army is currently working on the construction of fundamental facilities in the islets of Tierra and Mar, located 300 meters (984 feet) off the Moroccan town of Al Hoceima, 146 km (91 miles) east of Ceuta and 84 km (52 miles) west of Melilla, reports EFE.

As the Spanish news agency noted, the circulation of building materials has been constant between Alhucemas rock island and the two islands, which form the «Alhucemas Islands».

This morning again, a helicopter left the Alhucemas rock to the two small islands to unload equipment and then aboard zodiacs. Two military tents have also been erected on the two islets.

The Spanish army has not yet formalized this operation. «It is not known if this is being carried out in collaboration with the Moroccan government, although the work is perfectly visible from the coast of Al Hoceima, where the Royal Navy is permanently present,» says EFE. «The Moroccan government has also not expressed its opinion on what is happening in the two islands».

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