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Africa Security Forum : Experts gathered in Casablanca to discuss terror threats facing Africa

The Africa Security Forum was organized today in Casablanca./Ph. DR
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Terrorism remains one of the «first security challenges» facing the 21st century, in the North African region, the Middle East, as well as the rest of the world, said on Monday in Casablanca the Deputy Minister of Interior, Noureddine Boutayeb.  

At the opening of the Africa Security Forum's 2017 edition, the minister said that «terrorist networks have reached an unprecedented level», adding that «the threat itself has become increasingly fluctuating and elusive.»

The forum was attended by security experts coming from 40 African countries. 400 participants from several African nations showed up in the event to discuss security threats and to examine ways of collaboration.

The Minister recalled during the event that since 2002, 175 terrorist cells, were dismantled and more than 2,900 people were arrested in Morocco.

The Minister also recalled that «the level of cooperation between the Moroccan security services and their counterparts from several friendly countries and the degree of collaboration that has taken place between them is a perfect example of partnership to the world».

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