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France : King Mohammed VI saves small businesses in Betz

King Mohammed VI./ Ph. DR
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In Betz, a commune in the Oise department in northern France, King Mohammed VI’s visits are appreciated. The monarch, although very discreet, hires dozens of temporary workers to take care of gardens, kitchens, and electricity, reports the regional edition of France TV Info.

«His priority is to make people work here, in all sectors,» says Angelique Vétu, a supermarket manager who delivers goods directly to the king’s mansion in the small village. On the other hand, the shopkeeper does not say a word about the possible increase in her turnover ... «I think that after 17 years I would not be there if he had not been there to support us», she said.

The Betz schoolchildren are also benefit from the King's visits and get their share of the cake : each year, fifteen of them are offered a trip, all expenses paid, to Morocco.

Philippe Boulland, former mayor of the commune (1995-2004), remembers the holidays of Hassan II: «In the time of Hassan II there was so much people and inconvenience in the commune, and because he also wanted to do something, he was offering a check to the municipality. With his majesty Mohammed VI it's a little bit different, you have to solicit it».

«The royal check was used for the church bell, the social center or the football club,»concludes France TV Info.

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