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The World Day Against the Death Penalty : The CMCPM insists on abolishing death penalty in Morocco

Death Penalty should be abolished according to the Moroccan Coalition against the Death Penalty (CMCPM)./Ph. DR
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On the World Day against the Death Penalty, the Moroccan Coalition against the Death Penalty (CMCPM) called for the abolishment of death penalty in Morocco, the NGO said on Tuesday.

In a communiqué sent to Yabiladi, the CMCPM believes that this is a new opportunity to «warn decision-makers against the consequences of death Penalty». The communiqué describes it as a «cruel, degrading punishment that hurts the human dignity».

The coalition recalls its position on this «flagrant violation of the sacred right to life that violates the principles of the Constitution». It also stressed «the importance of pardoning prisoners sentenced to the death penalty» and who have had their sentences transformed into life-long sentences. A «positive indicator that should be carried out and include the rest of those sentenced to death in all prisons,» the statement said.

«The Coalitionbelieves that the existence of the death penalty in Morocco is contrary to the Constitution, particularly to chapters 20 and 22. It asks the defense bodies to challenge the unconstitutionality of the legal provisions of the death penalty.»

The CMCPM also seized the opportunity to criticize the Moroccan government for rejecting most of the recommendations made during the United Nations Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review.

Finally, the coalition calls for a «direct and wide-ranging reform in the field of criminal policy» with the choice of a scientific approach to punishment aimed at «building humanity and reconciling it with its community environment».

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