UAE : A Moroccan woman finally secures citizenship for her son who was abandoned by his father

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Samira Al Zaher and her son./Ph. The National

Samira Al Zaher, a 35-year-old Moroccan woman who has been living in the United Arab Emirates for 15 years, was struggling for nine years to earn citizenship for her son who was abondanded by his father. Thanks to the Crown Prince of Ajman, an emirate in the UAE, who intervened to help Samira. Her son was granted a Moroccan passport, according to the National, an Emirati online newspaper.

In 2007, Sameera Al Zaher married an Egyptian man that she met in the United Arab Emirates, she gave birth to their son in February 2008, but her husband immediately renounced his father's duties and abandoned them both, leaving the son of Mrs. Al Zaher without a birth certificate.

«I was working then and I could provide for my son and myself but I couldn't get him any official documents although I tried every way possible but I wasn't successful therefore he couldn't go to school,» said Al Zaher, who has hired teachers to ensure her son's education at home.

She is blinded today, and with the help of her friends and donators who have agreed to pay her rent and monthly bills, the Moroccan national managed to secure a living for her son.

During a battle that lasted nine years, Al Zaher has been constantly trying to get a passport for her son so that he can legally live on the Emirati soil and be able to go to school.

In 2015, she contacted the office of the Crown Prince of Ajman, who ordered the issuance of the necessary documents in the immediate future. Sheikh Ammar also took charge of his studies and enrolled him in a private school called «Al Hikma».

«His Highness was listening and, god bless him, he ordered that my problem be solved at once,» she said.

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