Casablanca : The best junior company in 2017 awarded by Injaz Al-Maghrib

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Handy Voice of Rabat was named as the best junior company on Tuesday in Casablanca by Injaz Al-Maghrib, a national competition initiated by Injaz Al-Maghrib, an association that was founded 10 years ago.

The winning firm received the best young high school award for creating a mobile application dedicated to help deaf mutes communicate. Meanwhile, Titrite that manufactures tourist monuments miniatures with a multilingual application that tells the story of every building was granted the best young student prize.

Welsh Menes was also awarded for creating a location service for cars by calling a SIM card located in the vehicle’s GPS tag.

The national competition of the best junior celebrates each year four intense months of training and youth entrepreneurship. In 2017 it was attended by 19 finalist teams from the regional competitions which brought together more than 5025 young people from public high schools and universities in 15 cities of the Kingdom.

The two teams that have distinguished themselves in the two categories will represent Morocco in the Arab competition which will bring together the 14 countries of the MENA region, members of the Injaz Al Arab network, is scheduled for November 19-21 in Cairo.

Founded in 2007, Injaz Al-Maghrib is committed to entrepreneurship training, with the aim of revealing to young people their potential through the involvement of the company in public education.

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