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Mohamed Ajar, leader of Morocco’s resistance dies at 97

Mohamed Ajar, leader of Morocco’s resistance dies at 97./Ph. DR
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The Office of the High Commissioner for Former Resistance Fighters (HCAR) reported the death of the prominent resistance leader Mohamed Ajar Said Bounailate, who died Tuesday night in Casablanca.

Nationalist, militant and resistant, the deceased remained faithful to his principles and commitments, his religion, his homeland and his king, indicates the HCAR in a statement. Ajar was decorated by King Mohammed VI on the 49th anniversary of the Independence Day.

Bounailate, born in 1920 in Tafraout and whose family moved to Casablanca, joined the Istiqlal (PI) party at a young age. He was appointed regional leader of the party at «Kariane Central» where he met the leaders of the political party in Casablanca, including Mohamed Zerktouni, Abderrahmane Youssoufi, Bouchta Jamai, Benacer Harakat and Mohamed Mansour, adds the same source.

Its activities also influenced several cities other than Casablanca, the statement said, noting that his travels were an opportunity to attract new activists to the IP, to inform guidance and instructions of the party leadership and distribute the photos of Sultan Mohammed V.

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