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Moroccan women farmers fight against drought using their own seeds

Leila Hariss and women farmers in Dar Bouazza./Ph. Screen shot youtube
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Moroccan women in Dar Bouazza, a municipality near Casablanca, are sowing the seeds to save water and fight against drought. Led by Leila Harris, a Casablanca native, women farmers in the village grow their own 100% organic vegetables.

In a video published on 26th of October, Leila speaks about her initiative. «I got engaged and encouraged other women to do the same», she said adding : «I told them to stop buying vegetables when they can grow their own».

Helping other women in Dar Bouazza, Leila and her team sell their organic and chemicals-free products. «I had clients and earned some money. So other women started working on their own too», said Leila.

«Each woman who owned a parcel of land built a well. Now they are being fed by their lands».

Women farmers use their own seeds to face drought. «They are natural and 100% organic (…) they resist drought better», concluded Leila.

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