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«Who is Kabour», Hassan El Fad’s new show on a world tour

«Who is Kabour», Hassan El Fad’s new show expected in Africa and the world./Ph. DR
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The fictional character, Kabour from the Ramdan series «L’couple» (the couple) made Moroccans laugh hard every night after breaking the fast during the holy month. Hassan El Fad is now on a tour to Africa and the world bringing life to his character in «Who is Kabour», said a press release sent on Monday to Yabiladi.

The Moroccan actor and standup comedian is expected to visit west Africa, Europe, Canada, the United States and tour all over the kingdom.

«Hassan El Fad will present [the show] in Dakar on Wednesday, November 8 at the Daniel Sorano National Theater. He will also perform on Friday, November 10 at the Palace of Culture in Abidjan, on the eve of the decisive match between Morocco and Ivory Coast,» said the same source. Dates for the shows to take place in Morocco, Europe, Canada and the United States have not been released yet.

The show will be presented in the form of an interview on stage with «this incorrigible character named Kabour».This show has seen light tanks to CastQuête Entertainment and Clic Events and will «consolidate the presence of Morocco in West Africa through entertainment,» adds the same source.

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