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Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean : Amir Peretz entered the kingdom using a Moroccan passport

Amir Peretz, an Israeli MP and former Minister of Defense born to a Jewish family in Morocco./Ph. DR
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The controversy surrounding Amir Peretz and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean is still ongoing. The event took place between the 9th and 10th of October in Rabat in partnership with the World Trade Organization (WTO), to discuss ways to facilitate «trade and investment in the Mediterranean and African region».

The former Israeli Minister of Defense (in office between 2006-2007) entered the kingdom using a Moroccan passport bearing his first and last name, Armond Perets, and his date and place of birth, March 9, 1952 in Bejaad. This was revealed by alOusboue, a weekly newspaper. The same source added that once in Israel, his family changed his name to Amir.

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