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Kasbah Resources is expected to partner with Toyota to exploit Tin in Morocco

Kasbah Resources is expected to start exploiting tin in Morocco
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Kasbah Resources, an Australian listed mineral exploration and development company advancing the Achmmach Tin Project near Meknes, Morocco is expected to partner with Toyota to «start exploiting tin» in the region, states the company.

In a video uploaded by Proactive Investors Stocktube, a platform specialized in reporting mining news around the world, Russel Clark, chief executive of Kasbah Resources, stated that the production of tin concentrate in the Kingdom to start by 2019. He also declared that the mining project in the area has around 55.000 tons of tin and is supposed to produce, according to him, 4000 tons of tin in concentrate in a year.

The same source also pointed out that tin is overly exploited in other part of the world. According to the company operating in Morocco, tin prices are increasing by 50% in recent years while production is increasing in some mines which is a good opportunity to start making use of the Achmmach tin reserves.  

For the record, in 2015 the Australian company issued a feasibility report stating that an 18 % percent drop has been recorded regarding investment while reserves were up.

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