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Malca, a French-Moroccan artist to release his song «Casablanca Jingle» dedicated to the metropolitan

Malca, a French-Moroccan artist who released his new song 'Casablanca Jungle'./Ph. DR
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Malca is definitely a rising star in the Moroccan musical scene. The artist born and raised in Casablanca has indeed a unique style. He released on the 27th of October, his new song «Casablanca Jungle». The 28-year-old singer and song-writer shows up in the official video of his new song with a group of young Moroccan people who are partying in a house. The lighting, decor and ambiance are typically local with a twist that refers to the west.

According to Huffpost Morocco : «in the video we see some pieces of clothing signed by the Moroccan designer, Yassine Morabite, such as the bomber with faces of veiled dolls on it, and a shiny checkerboard sweater».

When it comes to music, «Casablanca Jungle» is a mixture of several musical genres, namely rai, electro, pop and chaabi.

In 2015, French media platforms shed light on Malca’s talent discovering his song «She gets too high», which went viral on the internet.

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