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France : A Moroccan aircraft pilot fined to 10,000 Euros

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The Criminal Court in Creteil fined on Thursday 2nd of November an aircraft pilot who works for Royal Air Maroc to 10,000 Euros, reports France Bleu.

The 51-year-old pilot was found guilty for endangering the lives of others. In August 2010, he had left the Orly airport heading to Casablanca after being warned against a kerosene leak in his plane.

The leak came from a mini-engine housed in the tail of the aircraft, which is used to ignite the two large engines under the wings of the aircraft.

Believing that «the leak has stopped», the pilot reported the incident to his company's technical service. «He decided without waiting to light both turbines using the small engine. Once he received the advice, he cut the mini-reactor and made it safely,» said France Blue.

During the hearing, the pilot insisted that he «has respected the instructions» and «dealt with the problem» by cutting the mini-reactor before taking off.

Forensic expertise will ensure that it is «aberrant» to light turbines with a leaking motor.

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