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Marrakech shooting : Six suspects arrested on Friday in Casablanca

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Six people were arrested in Casablanca on Friday morning, 3rd of November, over links to the murder that took place Thursday in Marrakech, said the Directorate-General of National Security quoted by MAP news agency.

Two men on a motorcycle opened fire on a young man who was sitting in a cafe near Marrakech Appeal Court yesterday around 7.45 pm causing his death.

According to the same source, the main suspect has ordered the other assailants to commit the crime. He was identified as a person who had been active in money-laundering, international drug trafficking and extortion.

It also added that the incident is directly linked to a criminal network operating in some European countries and which is active in smuggling and money laundering.

For the record, the two other people were injured in the shooting, namely a young girl and a waitress.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the owner of the coffee shop (crime scene) and his brother are among the six suspects arrested this morning. Reportedly, they both were targeted by the killers.

Article modified on : 03/11/2017 12h38

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