Laura Prioul, allegedly raped by Saad Lamjarred, gives her version of the story in a video

One year after allegedly being raped by the Moroccan pop singer Saad Lamjarred, Laura Prioul has finally broken the silence. In a video, the young woman gave her version of the storyshowing photos of her suffering.

Laura Prioul in a video giving her version of the story./Ph. Screenshot Youtube
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One year after the outbreak of the rape case involving Saad Lamjarred, the alleged victim, Laura Prioul, published a long video explaining what she has been through and giving her version of the story.

«It's been a year now that I am avoiding lights, hiding form everyone while everyone is talking about me. I never spoke about what happened to me because I did not want to attract attention, I was afraid and I did not want to hear how they spoke about me. I felt really really sullied by this story», said the 21-year-old woman.

«I was in a nightclub in Paris. It turned out that my rapist was also there. (…) I was drinking only water but he was drinking alcohol, a lot of alcohol. Subsequently, he asked me to go to a second nightclub, I was worried about how I would go home. He told me that he has private drivers, and that he would bring me home, etc. (…) In the end, a car parked near us, they spoke in Arabic so I did not understand a word of what they were saying. I asked him what was wrong, and he explained to me that we are going a friend's hotel, because the nightclub is not good».

Once in Saâd Lamjarred's room, Laura Prioul said that she and the singer «[have] both kissed»: «He wanted to kiss me again and I turned my head away, he did not like it so I was hit (...) I wanted to defend myself and this person hit me again, and again and again (...) That person eventually raped me.»

A horrible story

The young woman also said that her name was leaked to media by a blogger called Jeremstar. From that moment her life turned into a hell. She was insulted and has received death threats. People managed to get her address, phone number and she was forced to delete her social media accounts. Moroccan media as quoted in the video have participated in conducting a hate campaign against her, inventing things to damage her reputation.

Shocked by what had happened to her, she also spoke about the multiple tests she had to undergo (alcohol, cocaine, pregnancy, STDs). She suffered from stomach pain during a therapy against HIV she had to follow for three months just in case.

After bursting into tears, Laura Prioul seized the moment urging girls who have been allegedly raped by the singer to come out. Their stories can help her. She wants her alleged rapist to return behind the bars.