Salah Abdeslam’s recent letter to his cousin reveals his obsession with Islam

Salah Abdeslam wrote a letter to his cousin from his cell./Ph. DR
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Salah Abdeslam, the Belgium-born French national of Moroccan descent who is accused of involvement in the attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015, has recently sent a letter to his cousin, breaking finally the silence. According to L’Express, Abdeslam’s letter has revealed how obsessed with Islam he is.

On the 19th of July, the alleged terrorist wrote a two-page letter to his cousin from his cell, where he mentioned Allah 17 times in 31 lines. «How many of us have passed away ?», Salah Abdeslam asked in his letter. He spoke about death, life and punishment urging his cousin to take the right path.

To conclude he wrote, «prayer, prayer, prayer» next to signs representing danger. His letter also included a Hadith about disobedience and hell, advising his cousin.

According to the same source, this is not the first letter that would be added to Abdeslam’s court record. In fact, in a previous letter to a prison correspondent, he wrote «I am not ashamed of what I am».

On Wednesday morning, he was introduced to a judge and again refused to answer questions. Salah Abdeslam is due to be tried in Brussels from 18 to 21 December for a shootout in Forest, the capital of Belgium, on 15 March 2016, a few days before his arrest in the district of Molenbeek.

He was handed over on April 27, 2016 to France, where he was charged of participating to a terrorist criminal conspiracy. At the beginning of October, the Belgian federal prosecutor and the Paris public prosecutor agreed on a legal solution so that he could be present at his trial in Brussels.

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