The White House : Trump nominates Suburban Collection’s David Fischer for ambassador to Morocco

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The White House : Trump nominates Suburban Collection’s David Ficher for ambassador to Morocco./Ph. DR

President Donald Trump nominated on Tuesday, 21st of November, David T. Fischer, an American businessman, Chairman and CEO of The Suburban Collection company, to be ambassador of the U.S. in Morocco, said the White House in a statement.

«Mr. Fischer provides philanthropy to many charities and has joined the boards of numerous academic, cultural, and social welfare institutions and foundations. He has been a Member of the Judicial Tenure Commission in Detroit since 2012. Mr. Fischer earned a B.A. at Parsons College», said the communiqué.

Fischer will officially take office once his candidacy is approved by the Senate. His predecessor, Dwight Lamar Bush, an American businessman who was the United States Ambassador to Morocco from 2014 to 2017, left the kingdom last January, a few days before the inauguration of Donald Trump.

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