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Workplace headscarf ban in France : The court of cassation issues its ruling

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The Court of Cassation, a high instance court in France, issued a ruling on Wednesday, 22nd of November, confirming that a private company can ban its employees who have a direct contact with costumers from wearing religious symbols, reports Les Echos newspaper.

The issue was decided when it comes to public sector, including privates companies. For the record, an employee who used to work for Baby Loup nursery had been dismissed in 2008 because she wore a headscarf while the rules set by the company suggested that the employees should respect the principles of secularism and neutrality.

The ruling of Wednesday comes as a private sector employee working in a digital services company, Micropole, was dismissed, says Les Echos.

An engineer refused to remove her veil at the request of her employer after a client refused to be received by the latter. The woman who sued the company, lost on appeal. The employee appealed and won her case, as Micropole's rules of procedure were unclear.

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