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Melilla: Arte TV channel sheds light on the ordeal of «mule women»

The TV channel Arte is interested in the ordeal of "mule women"./Ph. Screenshot
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The French-German television channel Arte reported has released a documentary on the ordeal of «mule women» in Melilla.

The short film brought to light those women who struggle daily to survive. They carry several parcels every day crossing the borders for Melilla. There, packages imported on foot are free of taxes.

The economy of the Autonomous City is based on many attractive tax benefits, offering a flourishing market. However, this important market of nearly 300 million Euros per year benefits mainly attracts traders and smugglers. The «mule women» represent only the last link in the chain.

Among them, Nora El-Kakou who has been doing this painful task for sixteen years. «I'm 43 years old and my name is Nora, I have six children and I'm a widow ... Working as a mule woman is very difficult. To cross the border, it's getting worse and worse, everything rests on my shoulders,» she says, trying to make her way through the crowd.

«When my husband was still alive, he helped me pay the rent, he took the children to school, took care of us. Now I have to do everything myself, cleaning, cooking, homework ...», she continues.

During the day, goodies weighting almost 60 kg are transported on her bruised back, now bruised. «With 30 Euros, nearly 330 dirhams, I am supposed to feed my children, pay back some of my debts,» she concludes with a shy smile.

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