Extraditing Moroccan migrants detained in Libya : The date has not been announced yet

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Four groups of councilors (WFP, Istiqlal, MP and PJD) have questioned the government this afternoon on the conditions of Moroccan migrants detained in Libya.

In the absence of the Minister responsible for Moroccans Residing Abroad  and migration, who is in Tunisia, Mustapha El Khalfi answered the questions asked by the MPs.

The Minister of Relations with the Parliament, spokesman for the government recalled that for the department of Abdelkrim Benatiq this file is a «priority», emphasizing that a commission, composed of several speakers, closely follows the situation of Moroccans in Libya.

El Khalfi said that the ministry planned in September, the repatriation of 190 Moroccans from this country aboard two aircraft: «The operation cost 2.6 million dirhams.»

As for the second phase, the minister stated that contacts with the families of the concerned are permanent. Nevertheless, he refrained from giving a date for the return of the detained migrants in Libya. Yesterday, in the House of Representatives, Abdelkrim Benatiq took the same position. 

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