A US Embassy in Al-Quds : Deeply worried, Morocco denounces the US decision

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Morocco has strongly denounced the recent decision announced by the US and which consists of recognizing Al-Quds as a capital for Israel and opening an embassy in the holy city, said on Tuesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. 

Such a decision contradicts international law and more particularly the two resolutions 2253 and 2254 of 1967 issued by the United Nations General Assembly. It is also against the conventions concluded between the two parties, Palestine and Israel, said the ministry in a statement.

This also is an alteration of the political status of the city of Al-Quds, as well as an incomprehensible anticipation of the results of the negotiation process.

Such a decision is likely to have a negative impact on the intense efforts that the American administration is constantly making in order to relaunch the political process. It can even annihilate permanently the chances of achieving peace in the region, says the Ministry, which warns against the fact that Israel can use this decision to continue with its systematic policy in the holy city erasing its religious and spiritual features.

While reaffirming its unconditional support and continued solidarity with the Palestinian people, the Kingdom of Morocco has urged the two parts to deal with the issue of Al-Quds in a wise and reasonable way that would reserve the particularity of the city.

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