Morocco : A Spanish activist accused of involvement in human trafficking  

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Helena Maleno, a Spanish activist and journalist accused of helping migrants to illegaly enter the Spanish territory./Ph. DR

Helena Maleno, a Spanish journalist and activist, known for helping migrants in the south of Spain is expected to appear in the Tangier Court of Appeal, El Diario said on Tuesday, 5th of December.

In the reports sent to the Moroccan authorities, the Spanish police accused Helena Maleno of being involved in facilitating illegal immigration, La Vanguardia newspaper reported today. The Spanish police believe that the activist is helping migrants enter the Spanish territory.

Moroccan security services have been keeping an eye on Helena Maleno’s activities for years, trying to establish alleged links with mafias, but have not yet been able to prove it.

The journalist and specialist in migration have complained of being unable to defend herself. Less than 24 hours before her hearing, «we were still unaware of the actions carried out by the Spanish police and the investigation of the Moroccan police».

Helena Maleno is expected to appear in court on December 27th. «The time to prepare the defense and to welcome the huge wave of solidarity I receive,» she wrote yesterday on her Twitter account.

Five years ago in Spain, Helena was accused in Spain for human trafficking and being part of an illegal immigration network.

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